Infertility Specialist in Indore

A large part of the women nurtures the dream of motherhood with immense anticipation. But, if a woman is not being able to conceive a child for a prolonged time, know that it has become critical to have a close look to hunt down the reason behind the same. The growth of infertility is at a peak all around the world, and it would be an unquestionable idea to have yourself scanned by an infertility specialist. Infertility in women comes with certain symptoms, and it is what we are going to discuss in this post. So, without wasting any time, let us begin:

1 – Irregular Periods

During the first few months of menstruation, it is acceptable if you have irregular periods as the body needs some time to get it regulated. However, once you cross your teenage years, it is expected for you to have regular menstrual cycles. Experiencing an irregular menstrual cycle even after several years of reaching menstruation age can be a sign of infertility.

2 – Absence of Periods

If there’s no period for a prolonged time (for over 1 month), it can be a red flag of infertility. Without a doubt, stress, heavy workouts can also cause the absence of periods, but an extended time without period signals that you should make an appointment with your infertility specialist at the earliest.

3 – Pain During Sex

Sexual intercourse can be a bit painful for some women out there at the beginning. However, experiencing pain regularly may indicate other conditions, such as endometriosis, hormonal problem, and so on. These conditions can affect your ability to conceive a child and you must rope in your infertility specialist in such cases.

4 – Obesity

Women who are obese are more likely to suffer from infertility. Being overweight can cause menstrual dysfunction and anovulation that can lead to infertility in women. Obesity also increases the chances of Recurrent Pregnancy Miscarriage, miscarriage, gestational diabetes, and many other reproductive issues.

5 – Painful Menstrual Cycles

If you experience painful menstrual cycles, it can be a sign of Endometriosis, which is one of the worse enemies of fertility. In 30% to 35% of the infertility cases in women, Endometriosis comes up as the cause.

Final Words:

In addition to the above-mentioned symptoms, there are many more symptoms of infertility in women, including but not limited to changes in the skin, changes in sex drive, loss of hair and that’s just the beginning. You must recognize the symptoms of infertility and speak to your doctor if you are unable to conceive despite having unprotected sex for over 6 months or so.