8 Super Cool Hacks To Win Infertility

1 – Be stress-free. Know that you are the best and love yourself.

2 – Get up at 5 AM and meditate, manifest and exercise. If you wake up early, you will have more time for yourself.

3 – Use salads, soups, and sprouts liberally.

4 – Use Sunday for maximum exercise, walk, running, pampering yourself, hair care, and body rejuvenation.

5 – Use matka water as it is naturally alkaline. It helps in proper metabolism and eliminates extra fat.

6 – Take care of your mind and have people around you who are trustworthy, friendly and not jealous. You cannot afford to have any negativity around you.

7 – Have neem, tulsi, and aloevera. These purify blood and add to your health.

8 – Choose a doctor & get treated only when you feel you are totally in safe hands. Any doubts and dissatisfaction won’t give you results.