Gynecologist in Indore

With the changing times and lifestyles, we need an expert medical opinion. We are looking for a specialist doctor who can provide the right advice. Dr. Sushmita Mukherjee is the best gynecologist serving Indore and the nearby areas for the last 30+ years. She delivers excellent care for women who have gynecological problems. Her skill, knowledge, and experience help women get better health with no stress. Women trust her with their health issues. She is an expert gynaecologist in Indore in diagnosing and treating various conditions like infertility, fibroid tumors, cysts, infections, cancer, etc. Her area of interest also includes menopause, endocrinology, pregnancy and delivery, sexual disorders, urinary system diseases, menopause-related problems, menstrual irregularities, etc. She has expertise in advanced medical procedures like laparoscopic surgery, IVF, hysterectomies, vasectomy, and more.

She treats women of all ages who are pregnant or who have delivered a baby. She is also skilled in performing normal delivery, Caesarean sections, tubectomies, Pap smear, and much more. She treats complications like placenta praevia, postpartum hemorrhage, preterm labor, eclampsia, etc. She helps women with painful periods, irregular periods, and infertility. She offers complete care for women who are suffering from Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), breast problems, Endometriosis, etc. She is also known to be one of the best laparoscopic surgeons in Indore. Dr. Sushmita Mukherjee has won many awards for her excellence in research, clinical practice, and patient care. She is known to be one of the best doctors in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

Education Qualification & Fellowships

Dr. Sushmita Mukherjee graduated from the University of Calcutta (Kolkata, India) with a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) degree in 1989 and then a Doctor of Medicine (MD) where she stood first in the final examination that was held in 1994. She is one of the few gynecologists in Indore to have got fellowships from the Indian Medical Association (IMA), FOGSI, ISAR (Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction), IFS (Indian Fertility Society), and FMAS (Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery). She is a well-recognized name in the medical field, especially for her excellent work in laparoscopy and IVF. She is also an authority on PMS and is regularly invited by various national conferences to speak about the same. She has conducted many types of research and has published several papers in national and international journals. She is currently practicing as a senior consultant gynecologist at her clinic in Indore.

Why Do Women Visit Gynecologists?

A gynecologist is a medical doctor who specializes in women’s health. They specialize in issues related to the female reproductive system. Gynecologists have special training in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the uterus, ovaries, cervix, vagina, and other female pelvic organs. Women visit gynecologists for a variety of reasons. Sometimes women visit gynecologists because they are experiencing unusual or painful symptoms. Other times women visit gynecologists because they are experiencing problems with menstruation. Some women visit gynecologists because they are pregnant. And some women visit gynecologists because they are planning to become pregnant. There are other reasons that women visit gynecologists. But the most common reason that women visit gynecologists is that they are experiencing some sort of problem with menstruation.

What to Expect on Your Visit to the Gynecologist?

You may have heard about the importance of having regular gynecological exams, but you might not know what to expect when you go for your first exam. A visit to your gynecologist should be comfortable and enjoyable. It shouldn't feel like a medical procedure. But it's important to remember that your doctor is there to help you and treat you with respect. Here are some things you should expect from your first visit to the gynecologist:

  • Your first visit will take approximately 15 to 20 minutes.
  • You'll be asked about your current health and medical history.
  • You'll be asked about your symptoms, including any changes in your menstrual cycle.
  • You'll be given a physical examination, which will include a pelvic and breast exam.
  • You'll be told how often you should come back to get checked.
  • If you have questions or concerns, you'll be given information about the resources available to you.

What Are Some of the Most Common Gynecological Problems That Women Face?

Gynecological problems are the leading cause of illness among women. Here are some of the most common gynecological problems that women face: 

1. Vaginal discharge: 

Vaginal discharge can be a problem for both men and women. It can be caused by a variety of things including yeast infections, sexually transmitted infections, vaginal inflammation, or pregnancy. 

2. Bleeding: 

Bleeding can occur from several places in the body. In the vagina, it can be caused by birth control pills, heavy periods, or cancer. In the uterus, it can be caused by an ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, or an infection. In the fallopian tubes, it can be caused by a blocked tube, a blocked ovary, or an ovarian cyst. In the cervix, it can be caused by an abnormal Pap smear or cervical cancer. 

3. Urinary incontinence: 

Urinary incontinence is a condition where urine leaks from the bladder during physical activity. It is also known as stress incontinence. There are two types of urinary incontinence, overactive bladder, and underactive bladder. 

4. Menstrual cramps: 

Menstrual cramps are painful cramps that occur in the lower abdomen and back. They are most common in women around the time of their period but can happen at any time. Most women experience them at some point in their lives. The symptoms may include pain and pressure in the lower abdomen, back, and pelvis. If you experience severe menstrual cramps, you should contact your Indore doctor right away.

5. Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID):

PID is an infection of the reproductive organs, most often the uterus. The infection can spread from the uterus to other parts of the body, including the fallopian tubes, ovaries, and vagina. Symptoms include fever, abdominal pain, and a foul-smelling vaginal discharge. See your Indore gynecologist if you think you have PID.

Why Choose Dr. Mukherjee As Your Gynecologist?

The leading gynecologist in Indore, Dr. Sushmita Mukherjee is the only doctor you need to look after your reproductive health! She has done more than 40,000 surgeries so far in her career and has a great experience of 30+ years. Dr. Sushmita Mukherjee is extremely patient, kind, caring, and understanding with patients and works diligently to provide complete satisfaction to every one of them. She understands the importance of communication with patients and has been able to retain her patients for a long time with her excellent customer service. Apart from offering high-quality medical care, Dr. Mukherjee also emphasizes keeping a healthy lifestyle for all her patients. Dr. Sushmita Mukherjee offers regular follow-up and counseling for her patients and does not hesitate to give suggestions for a healthier life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Dr. Sushmita Mukherjee?

If you are in Indore, and you have a question about how to get in touch with Dr. Sushmita Mukherjee, you can call the office at +91- 9826013944. You can also visit to schedule an appointment online. You can also send an email to Dr. Sushmita Mukherjee.

What would be the timings of Dr. Sushmita Mukherjee?

Her office hours are Monday to Friday 11 AM to 2:30 PM at her clinic in Palasia. She also sees patients in the afternoon at her other clinic located in Agra Bombay Road, Indore, and the office hours of the same are 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM.

How much time will it take for me to see the doctor?

There are two ways to see the doctor. The first is by visiting the clinic during the office hours of the doctor. During this time, she will see you immediately. The second is to make an appointment. You can go online to schedule an appointment with her. There is no fee for making an appointment. You will be required to provide your name, contact number, email address, and other details.

What are the facilities available at her clinic?

Her clinic is fully equipped with the latest medical equipment and technology. The clinic has a doctor's room, a consulting room, an emergency room, and a clinic nurse. The consulting room is where the doctor talks to patients. The doctor's room is where the doctor performs his/her duties. The emergency room is for emergencies. It has beds where the patients can stay if there is an emergency. The clinic nurse is a woman who looks after the needs of patients in the doctor's room.

What are the payment options?

The prices for treatments depend on the kind of treatment you need. Healthcare centers have several ways to pay for medical services. The payment options can include cash, credit cards, debit cards, checks, money orders, and Amazon Pay, and Paytm.

What is her success rate?

The success rate of Dr. Sushmita Mukherjee is above 95%. Her treatment methods are based on scientific evidence and she has been successful in treating many conditions.