IVF with Donor Egg

What Is A Donor Egg?

Donor eggs are eggs donated by another woman to help someone who can't produce healthy eggs. They are taken and fertilised with spermatozoon of husband, and then transferred into the uterus.

The IVF process is much more involved than just the egg and sperm. Aside from the fertilization procedure, medications and monitoring, another key factor is an egg donor. The egg donor can be a friend, a relative or even an anonymous donor.

How Do You Know If You Need Donor Eggs?

The first thing that is done is a thorough medical history to rule out any potential health risks. If the woman is healthy, then she will go through various tests, with ovulation induction used to determine if she can produce enough eggs for an IVF cycle. If not, the woman may need donor egg. Women over 38 years of age may also need donor egg. In case of premature menopause also, donor egg program comes in handy.

How Do I Find An Egg Donor?

Since eggs are a scarce commodity, finding one is not as easy as you may think. However, there are some women who are willing to donate their eggs to help others. You may visit our fertility clinic in Indore to check how we can help you with finding an egg donor. You may also find out if there are any potential donors from one of your friends or relatives. If you find a donor, it is better to visit the clinic as soon as possible so that you can start your IVF treatment.

How Does The Donor Egg Process Work?

Once you find a donor, it is important to explain to her what she can expect from the process. She will be asked to come to the clinic for tests that will determine her egg quality. These tests take about 30 minutes and include hormone levels, weight, blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol. Once these are determined, the donor will be given an ultrasound to check her ovaries for evidence of cancer. If everything seems to be okay, we can proceed with the further steps, such as cycle synchronization, egg retrieval, and so on.

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