Fear of Normal Delivery or Tokophobia

Labour is a natural process and it is best if it remains natural unless there is some medical indication to induce early. Doctors decide on this. Every woman is anxious about vaginal delivery to some extent. However, some women may have a severe fear of labour called Tokophobia. Here are a few steps to keep in mind that will help you overcome your fear and improve your chances for normal delivery.

1 – Practice relaxation, meditation during pregnancy. It prepares your body and mind for the delivery well.

2 – Throughout pregnancy, one has to take care of proper diet, exercise, proper antenatal care, investigations, etc. so that you get a full-term baby with proper weight. Underweight & overweight babies have a problem during birth.

3 – Remain mobile during the early stages of pregnancy. Get checked by your doctor and then you can stay at home till the active stage of labour. In case of leaking, bleeding, go to your doctor.

4 – Sometimes extreme fear may be due to some traumatic events that need counselling, therapy, support, and sometimes medications as well.

5 – Take a lot of fluid and stay hydrated during labour.

6 – Refrain from stress.

7 – Attend prenatal and antenatal classes.

8 – Exercise to build stamina. Focus on perineal muscle exercise to deliver normally.

9 – Always take opinions from experts as sometimes labor can be difficult, prolonged, and harmful for both mother and baby.