Gynecology Surgery

With any type of surgery, anxiety can be an emotional obstacle. Whether you are preparing for the big day or have experienced it already, these are some ways to help you overcome this terrifying feeling. Below are some ways to reduce your anxiety and overcome fear before surgery:

1. Develop trust in your medical team. Get operated only when you feel you trust them.

2. Educate yourself about the disease, surgery and the outcome.

3. Visualize you have recovered totally and doing perfect.

4. Do not waste energy in anxiety, negative thinking, overthinking, and talking to people who give your negative feedback.

5. Be positive and focus on healing. Create a friendly, positive environment. Doctors work better when patients are friendly, happy and composed.

6. Distract yourself, listen to music, news, television, and go for a walk.

7. If you are over anxious, talk to professional supporters.

8. Practice deep breathing, Pranayam, and other forms of meditation.

9. Take help of a person who is ready to help you emotionally, and in other manners. Some people are like angles. They take so much care that it feels great when they are around.

10. Sometimes, little medications can be of great help.

11. Have faith in God, the superpower, the universe, and pray peacefully.