High Risk Pregnancy Doctors in Indore

Regardless of its being first or second pregnancy, hearing from your doctor that your pregnancy is high risk will make you feel completely worried. A high-risk pregnancy is a term denoting a range of common health-related problems. Mostly are associated with the pre-existing conditions that you might have had before conceiving or the situations that you may create at the time of pregnancy or delivery. However high-risk pregnancy doesn’t mean that you will be having a challenging or complicated pregnancy in comparison to the low risk one. Often it means that you need to talk to the High Risk Pregnancy Doctors in Indore and undergo the monitoring. Learn all about high-risk pregnancy here in this post.

Reasons that a pregnancy can be treated as high risk one-

Maternal age- The common risk factor for the high-risk pregnancy is the female’s age who is going to be a mom. Females under 17 years of age or more than 35 years will face greater complications. Also, the risk of miscarriage and genetic defects may too take place if one expects to be mommy after 40 years of age.

Health conditions existing before pregnancy- There are conditions namely- heart problems, kidney problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, STDs or chronic disease like HIV can prevent risk for the mom and for the baby who is still there inside the womb. However, problems with the old pregnancy or history of child miscarriage, etc are the risk factors for the greater risks of pregnancy. If you are having some health-related troubles it is better that you consult to High Risk Pregnancy Doctors in Indore before plans to conceive a baby. Your doctor will perform some tests and will also adjust the medicines and will give you suggestions regarding the safety measures that you can consider so that you don’t leave any consequences during the pregnancy days.

Prevention and curing of the pregnancy complications

Even if you are not having any health troubles, your doctor may ask you for having a preconception appointment with the health care provider so you can be healthier before conceiving. During the appointment, you will be asked to consider few things so that you can eliminate the several dangers. It includes-

  • Get the correct vaccinations
  • Get 400 micrograms folic acid regularly before/after you have conceived the baby.
  • Eat healthy food and maintain weight appropriately
  • Avoid the consumptions of harmful things like cigarette, alcohol, drugs, etc. otherwise you and your baby will face many consequences
  • Consult your doctor on a timely basis and share every problem that you face during the pregnancy days

Summing up-

In case your pregnancy is of greater risk, your High Risk Pregnancy Doctors in Indore may ask you to consult a primatologist. Also termed as maternal-fetal medication professional, primatologist as an obstetrician with specialized training for curing high-risk pregnancy will assist you. This professional will work with other professionals so that you can be ensured with the best probable results for you and as for your child as well.