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A woman goes through several psychological and physical changes after giving birth to a baby. It is possible for you to notice changes from the very first week itself following your baby’s birth. This is known as the postpartum period, in which, your body makes effort to regain its original shape, restore strength, and much more. It is necessary for you to have an adequate amount of sleep, exercise regularly, and have a healthy diet to allow your body to heal properly following childbirth. It is to be noted that, you should see your doctor before you start with postnatal exercises.

That being said, we would like to inform you that the more you know about the common health problems that occur post-pregnancy, the better you can take care of yourself. So, we have come up with this blog post to help you watch out for a couple of common health problems that most of the women out there go through after giving birth to a baby. Some health problems may require you to see a gynaecologist and infertility specialist, while others can be self-treated. So, without wasting a second, let us have a look at them in brief:

1 – Acidity and Gas Problem

Acidity and gas problem is one of the most common health issues experienced by a woman following a delivery. This issue is more troublesome in the case of C-section delivery as the intestine wall recovers slowly. To combat such conditions, you should not lie down for a considerable time. Instead, take a small walk at regular intervals and lie on your side to allow gas to pass out.

2 – Constipation

Certain medications, especially pain killers increase the likelihood of constipation. To combat constipation, you should consider drinking enough water and fiber-rich food items. If the problem of constipation persists, feel free to talk to your lady gynecologist in Indore for proper advice. Problems as constipation, if left unchecked, can lead to hemorrhoids that can make your life hard.

3 – Swollen Feet

After C-segment, you may notice swollen feet on account of the high sodium content of the intravenous liquids that you got during a C-section. Within a couple of weeks, this issue settles as your kidneys begin clearing this overabundance liquid.

Final Words:

Hair loss, urine leakage, vaginal itching, leaky breast, mastitis, breast engorgement, sore nipples, vaginal bleeding are some more health problems in addition to the above-mentioned that you may experience during your postpartum period. If any of these health problems hamper your regular life, do not hesitate to see your doctor right away.